Privacy Policy Statement

This privacy policy is intended for those visiting (MP!L) and its affiliated localised domains such as and Please note that the software product Messenger Plus! Live has a separate license which is included in the setup file and showed before you install.

Effective Date: August 18, 2006

MP!L is committed to protecting your privacy. MP!L collects no personal information about who visits the site. MP!L uses a hit service that records information such as which internet service visitors are using, from what country they are coming from, what browser they are using, and such. MP!L also keeps track of which scripts and skins from the Scripts Database ( and Skins Database ( visitors have downloaded and/or rated. This is done by storing a unique number which can't be connected to any personal data. In no way does MP!L automatically collect personal information from its visitors such as their name or email address.


MP!L uses cookies to store data needed for personal preferences which improve user experience, this data doesn't contain any recognisable private information. Cookies are stored on your own computer, and you are free to deny these cookies or delete them whenever you wish. See the help documentation from you internet browser for help on this procedure.

Will MP!L disclose the information it collects from visitors?

MP!L may eventually disclose the aforementioned GENERAL information about visitors (how many visitors, what countries are they from, etc), information that does NOT identify who you are. We may disclose answers to questions such as: During what time periods do we receive the most visitors, what is the most common browser version of our visitors, what are the most popular internet services our visitors use, etc.

Submitting Scripts and Skins:

Users can voluntarily submit scripts and skins they have created to MP!L. Any information you provide when you send a script/skin will be stored and be made accessible to the MP!L team. Only when your script/skin is accepted will we store the following information publicly online:

  • Script/Skin's title
  • Description
  • Developer's Name (as you have provided us, a nickname is just fine)
  • Version number
  • Screenshot
  • Your website URL, if you have provided any
  • The actual script/skins file you have submitted

Users can request at anytime that we delete or change this information (online and offline) by corresponding with us.

Third Parties:

MP!L works with third parties that serves ads to this site and provide additional services. They may include:

You can review the privacy policy from each of these services at the addresses provided above.


This web site may contain links to other sites. This statement is for the sole use and purpose of MP!L. Please be aware that MP!L is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. We encourage you to read the privacy practices of each and every web site before using the services provided.


MP!L takes every reasonable precaution to protect its users' information. MP!L has put security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alterations of the information under its control.


Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please contact us.

MP!L reserves the right to change this policy from time to time. Revised policies will only apply to information collected after the date the policy is changed.