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Messenger Plus! for Skype Toolbar Skins

What are toolbar skins?

Skins change the way your Messenger Plus! toolbar look. We have some awesome designs available for download which will greatly improve the original Messenger Plus! toolbar look. Messenger Plus! for Skype Skins are very easy to install, just browse the database, download a skin you like and open the file: Messenger Plus! will take care of the rest. Going back to the default look is not a problem either in case you'd change your mind. Enjoy!
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Downloadable Goodies

These are nice and all... but how can I create mine?!

To create your own skin, all you need to know can be found in the resources for toolbar skin creators section. Some basic understanding of XML is required but anybody with some motivation can learn how to work with the system. Messenger Plus! for Skype toolbar skins don't affect Skype but rather the Messenger Plus! toolbar, they load the resources into memory, making your skins easy for people to use and survive updates. Questions about skinning can be posted in the skinning section of the forum.