Get more with Messenger Plus! features

Animations (Winks)
Cheer up your chats
Send flash video animations (winks) to your friends, family and co-workers.
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Chat logs
Track your conversations
Keep records of your conversations so you can search, preview and print any chat log sessions as stored on disk, sorted by date or contact name.
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Messenger Skins
Stylize Your Messenger
Create your own basic skin from scratch or completely change the look of your Windows Live Messenger 2009-2012 with our large easy-to-install skin database.
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Sound Packs
Custom Emotion Sounds
The Custom Emotion Sounds feature allows users to send their own pre-recorded sounds during a conversation. Sounds are played instantly on both ends and are transferred automatically and transparently when needed.
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Call Recordings
Free recordings of audio and video calls
Talk for as long as you like and record your video and audio calls for free. Create and document special moments with video and audio records of family or business. Choose from 3 levels of video quality.
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Messenger Plus! Community Smartbar
Search the web using Plus! Community Smartbar. Conduct your daily activities straight from your Smartbar (games, videos, weather, desktop applications and more). Connect directly to your email and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and others) from your Smartbar.
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