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Messenger Plus! for Skype Support

A quick guide to help you better understand and operate Messenger Plus! for Skype.


What is Messenger Plus! for Skype?
Messenger Plus! for Skype is a free add-on to Skype that enhances the Skype software with cool features and extras. Now you can record your video calls in Skype, choose winks (flash animations) to send to your friends, apply video and audio effects to live video/audio calls and much more...!


Allowing acces to the toolbar to use Skype
Once you have installed Messenger Plus! for Skype and launched Skype, Skype will ask you to allow access to Messenger Plus! for Skype:
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After granting Messenger Plus! for Skype the access, the toolbar will automatically appear next to your Skype contact list.
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How can I manually trigger the prompt?
In the Skype Options window click the "Advanced" tab then click the "Advanced settings" tab and then click the "Manage other programs' access to Skype" You can grant access from there as well.
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Where to click, what does what?

A quick diagram to help you better understand and operate Messenger Plus! for Skype.

Plus! Menu
Messenger Plus! Menu:
Open The Messenger Plus! Menu.
Recording button
Call Recording:
During an active audio/video call, click this button to start recording it.
Stop button
Stop Recording:
Stops the current recording.
Recordings Folder
Open Recordings Folder:
Browse the previously recorded audio/video calls.
Send Winks (Animations)
Send Animations (Winks):
Send a fun animation to any active conversation (chat, audio or video).
Send Emotisounds
Send Emotisounds:
Send a fun sound to any active conversation (chat, audio or video).
Sound Effects
Sound effects:
Apply a voice sound effect to any active conversation (chat, audio or video).
Video Effects
Video effects:
Apply a video effect to any active video conversation.
Custom ringtones
Custom ringtones:
Here you will find options to customise Skype ringtones by contacts.
Chat Log Viewer
Open Chat Log Viewer:
Use the Log Viewer to search, print, organize and view all your chat history.
Browse online help.
Preferences & Options
Preferences & Options:
Set the preferences and options for Messenger Plus! for Skype.

User's Guide

What is a Toolbar Interface?
A toolbar that conveniently docks to the Skype active window with a semi-transparent display in full screen mode.

How to activate the Video/Audio call recording feature?
Messenger Plus! for Skype can configured to automatically start recording calls in the Messenger Plus! Options window under Recordings.
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If not, Messenger Plus! for Skype will prompt you with an authorization to start recording any incoming calls. This prompt window will also allow you to set the quality for your recording.

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How to use the Video/Audio calls recording feature?
  • The recording button is inactive (non-clickable) when there is no call in progress.
  • Once you have started a video call, the recording button will become active.
  • Click the recording button to start recording your call, the button will start blinking as an indicator that you are currently recording your call.
  • Clicking the stop toolbar button will stop the current call recording and prompt you to start encoding the final video to your videos default directory.

How to send a Wink animation?
Click the "Send Animations (Winks)" toolbar button which will open a panel containing the available winks animations library where you can preview the animations before sending them to any active conversation that you choose.

How to send an Emotisound?
Click the "Send Emotisounds" toolbar button which will open a panel containing the available sounds library where you can preview them before sending them to any active conversation that you choose.

How to create a custom ringtone?
Click the "Custom ringtones" button to open the options for ringtones dialogue, click on New Ringtone to assign a new audio file as ringtone.

Select the desired contact from the list. Browse for an audio file on your computer (file has to be in .wav format and no bigger than 1.5 MB) Press OK to set the custom ringtone.

How to apply a video/audio effect to a video/audio call?
Clicking the Audio Effects or Video Effects button opens the Effects panel where you can change the parameters for each of the effects you desire to use. A preview screen is available for the effects in case there are no active conversations.

How to use the Chat Log Viewer?
You need to have chat logs active in order to use the viewer. first check the "Enable local chat logging" option in the Messenger Plus! Preferences And Options window

Click the "Open Chat Log Viewer" toolbar button to open the viewer. You can search, preview and print any chat log conversation, select one or more items from the logs list, copy them to the clipboard, or export them into text/html/csv/xml files.

How to access the Preferences & Options window for Messenger Plus! for Skype?
You can access the window by click the "Set Preferences & Options" button on the Messenger Plus! for Skype toolbar. It can also be opened by clicking the Messenger Plus! for Skype logo at the top of the toolbar and then selecting the "Preferences & Options" menu item.

How to manage Messenger Plus! automatic invites and promotions?
You can disable or enable Messenger Plus! automatic invites and promotions from "Chat Logging" section in Preferences and Options.

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