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Frequently Asked Questions

Messenger Plus! for Skype

Will Messenger Plus! for Skype be supporting all of the features as in the Windows Live Messenger version?
Yes. Messenger Plus! now supports Skype! We intend to port over all the features that you’ve grown to know and love in subsequent releases. Since video and audio calling have proven to be a few of the most popular Skype features, we initially decided to focus our core efforts on providing video and audio call recording capabilities. In this latest Skype version, we’re offering video sharing (YouTube & local videos), visual overlays along with improved winks sending access and extended toolbar modes. Hold on tight…there’s still lots more to come.

How do I switch between classic, customizable and menu toolbar modes?
Messenger Plus! for Skype now provides users with three distinct toolbar modes. Classic mode retains the original toolbar design and functionality. Customizable mode lets users select various toolbar skins and color backgrounds. Unlike Windows Live Messenger, Skype prohibits the alteration of its user interface; however the new menu mode now delivers a menu dropdown providing complete MsgPlus! for Skype functional access to any active Skype window (akin to the WLM menu).

In order to switch between these three modes go to: Preferences->Toolbar->Appearance dropdown. For customizable mode select the skins dropdown to the right of the Appearance dropdown to choose from the various skins.

Transparency levels may also be applied to each toolbar mode.

Why has Messenger Plus! for Skype disappeared from my screen?
If you dock the Messenger Plus! toolbar it should appear at all times. In full screen mode it becomes semi- transparent. Minimize your Skype window and then click on Skype in the taskbar to restore Messenger Plus! for Skype to its normal view. You can also double-click on the Messenger Plus! toolbar in the system tray or right-click and select the dock toolbar menu option (note that all MsgPlus! for Skype functions are now also made available by right-clicking the system tray icon). If you’d previously quit the application by clicking on the app’s Quit menu option in the system tray you’ll need to reload Messenger Plus! for Skype from the Windows menu bar.

How do I share a YouTube video?
First click on the Share Video toolbar button to open its dialog and then either drag and drop the YouTube URL or by copy and paste it from your browse into the allocated textbox. Once you have the URL entered simply click the share video button to share your video. In order to drag the URL, be sure to click on and drag the small icon located just to the right of the URL in your browser rather than clicking on the URL text itself.

Why can’t I see chat log messages in the Log Viewer & Organizer sent to contacts who are offline?
Skype chat log messages sent to contacts must be received in order to be registered in Skype log history and thus become accessible for viewing through the Log Viewer function. This is how Skype basically operates.
Why do I get a “There is no conversation” popup message when attempting to send Winks to my contacts?
An active conversation must be in progress in order to send Winks, meaning that the contact you wish to send to must be selected from the contact list and the associated conversation window must be opened. As an added note, you may also send Winks to contacts while on a video call as well as to contacts who are offline.

Is it possible to send animations (Winks) to Skype users on non-Windows platforms?
Yes. Messenger Plus! for Skype now permits sending winks to anyone with a Skype connection in video mode regardless of the platform they’re running on. Everyone can now get winked!

Why can’t I see video effects / visual overlays or hear voice effects when I close their respective preview windows?
Each of these features can be made to persist when the preview windows are closed by unchecking the “Stop video/voice effect …when the panel is closed” or the “Stop overlays when the panel is closed” options located in the Preferences & Options video section.

Why can’t I play the videos recorded through Messenger Plus! for Skype?
You must download and install Windows Media Player in order to play videos recorded through MP! for Skype. You may download Windows Media Player here.

When playing back videos recorded through Messenger Plus! for Skype the resolution appears to be low. How can this be resolved?
It is possible to select from three different video resolution modes (low, medium and high) in the options settings. Select a higher setting for a better playback resolution. If you are still experiencing general difficulties in video playback you could try changing your system’s multimedia settings to Optimize video quality made available from the Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings.

How can I preview a wink?
Winks can be previewed in two ways depending on whether you have selected the full or quick panel mode. In full panel mode, simple click on the wink that you wish to preview and then click on the preview button located on the upper right hand section of the panel. In quick panel mode you must tab into the panel, use the keyboard arrow keys to select the wink you wish to preview and then press on the space bar to preview the wink.

How can I load custom visual overlay images?
The visual overlays preview window provides a dropdown located at the upper section of the window that permits users to switch between the default built in images as well as custom images. When selecting custom images, you must select the folder that contains your custom images. You can then position the image by selecting from the position dropdown or fit the entire image to screen as well as add text overlays by entering your custom text in the overlay textbox.

Why can’t I preview video when selecting the Messenger Plus! Virtual Camera in Skype Video setting?
The Messenger Plus! Virtual Camera displays the Messenger Plus! logo in Skype video settings when not on an active video call. This was created by design to allow other applications to use the physical webcam when not required by Skype. Once an active call is in progress you are able to preview video. The Messenger Plus! Virtual Camera webcam is necessary to enable all the video related features of Messenger Plus! for Skype. Simply click on the winks or visual overlays toolbar buttons to enable these features.

I can’t view received Winks. What steps do I need to take to get it working?
You must first download and install Adobe Flash player and then restart MsgPlus! for Skype upon completion of the installation in order to view Winks. You can download the Adobe Flash player here. You may receive winks in Skype video mode without having to download Flash player, however the player is still required when video mode is not applied.

How do I set a custom ringtone?
Click the "Custom ringtones" button to open the options for ringtones dialogue, click on New Ringtone to assign a new audio file as ringtone. Select the desired contact from the list. Browse for an audio file on your computer (file has to be in .wav format and no bigger than 1.5 MB) Press OK to set the custom ringtone.

Where can I get additional information and support on Messenger Plus! for Skype?
If you have any issues that cannot be resolved after viewing the basic help page and this FAQ, please ensure that you have the latest Messenger Plus! for Skype version installed as well as the latest Adobe Flash player. You can alternately search the Messenger Plus! for Skype forum or create a new post to request some additional assistance. You may also check out the forum shout box. There may be someone available to help you. ☺