Full Messenger Plus! History Changelog

Over 85 public versions spanned over the lifetime of Messenger Plus! and still counting.

Messenger Plus! (05/05/2013)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix Virtual Camera issue: now the camera works automatically in other applications which use it. Before users got “Messenger Plus! (for Skype)” logo instead of Camera feed. Messenger Plus! (for Skype) is required to make the fix work appropriately.
Messenger Plus! (27/09/2012)

New Features:

  • Full Support of WLM 2012
Messenger Plus! (08/02/2012)

New Features:

  • Video effects and overlays in WLM
  • Custom Auto-update dialog


Messenger Plus! (20/08/2012)

New Features:

  • Support WLM 2012
Messenger Plus! (08/02/2012)

New Features:

  • Video effects and overlays in WLM
  • Custom Auto-update dialog


Messenger Plus! (08/02/2012)

New Features:

  • Introducing Winks (animations)

Bug Fixes:

  • A fix of a minor bug: Quick text configuration, wrong settings page (lands on plugins instead of Quick texts)
Messenger Plus! (26/10/2011)

Bug Fixes:

  • Click on Display Picture in chat window with multi participants should not open contact info dialog
  • Change status from the taskbar menu in wlm2009 does not work
Messenger Plus! (21/09/2011)

Bug Fixes:

  • WLM 2009 Messenger Plus format codes does not apply correctly
  • Optimize performance for WLM 2009
Messenger Plus! (07/09/2011)

New Features:

  • Easy Skin Creator: Select your favourite picture as the contact list or chat window background image in just a few clicks. (Really! Try it by selecting the Plus! Skin Designer/Easy Skin Creator menu option).
  • Dynamic Skin Editor: You can now edit your existing skins within WLM or create new ones and view the results instantly without requiring a reboot (Try it by selecting the Plus! Skin Designer/Edit Current Skin menu option). The following features are currently available in WLM 2009 and WLM 2011:
    • Affecting more than 30 visual elements from WLM:
      • Change the background image or color.
      • Change the text color.
      • Change transparency (WLM 2011 only).
    • Modify the skin info.
    • Create a new skin from an existing one (initial author credentials are still being displayed).
    • Quickly undo any modifications.
  • Quick web search: in the contact list search box, type "?" followed by whatever you are looking for and you will get the search results in the social pane.
  • Web browsing in the social pane (type the URL in the contact list search field).
  • Chat assistant featuring tabbed contact information, events and notes. (Right click on a contact/ Plus! features/Contact info…).
  • Locally rename your contacts. Try it in the preferences under Appearance\Contact List\Manage Contacts on the contacts that you wish to rename.
  • Multi-network support provided to the contacts info window (Yahoo, Facebook, …)
  • Merge Facebook and WLM chat logs within the same folder.
  • Addition of a refresh button within the Log Viewer. It is no longer necessary to close/reopen Log Viewer to refresh logs.
  • Introducing the Plus! World social pane in the WLM 2011 full view. You can consult:
    • Skins, scripts, emoticons.
    • Search the web.
    • Get the latest news and much more...
  • The Plus! World social pane is also available in WLM 2009 through a brand new window that simulates the WLM 2011 social pane.
  • Proudly displaying the "With Plus!" insignia on the WLM login screen.
  • Re-instating the old Unlock Messenger function and added support for multiple accounts.
  • Enabling Personal Status Message (PSM) for scripter in WLM 2011.
  • Added BB codes support applicable to the entire PSM which should be inside brackets.
  • Implementation of formatting codes for nicknames in WLM 2011 (Try it by clicking on your image in the contact list).
  • Skins now have their own default “About Skin” window if not provided by skinners.
  • Introducing preliminary dynamic image control in Messenger UI. The first usage of this feature is demonstrated by the dancing Plussy in the contact list (To try it, select the Enable Animated Icon option from the Messenger Plus! menu in the contact list).
  • Introducing the visual logging status. If you enable chat logging, you'll see an red light flashing on the top right of the chat window.
  • Simplified the configuration wizard.
  • The tree list background image in preferences dialog has been updated.
Messenger Plus! 5.03.716 (15/08/2011)

    Bug Fixes:

  • Compatibility issue with some NVIDIA drivers. Special thanks to Déjà Q. for his precious help on this fix.
Messenger Plus! 5.02.712 (17/05/2011)

    New Feature:

  • Plus! World software useful to keep you updated on skins/scripts and provide you quick access to My Plus! and other funny Plus! stuff :)
  • Plus! Service to keep Messenger Plus! updated with the latest build.
  • /clear command (or Ctrl+L shortcut) to erase conversation history in the chat window.
  • Improve /prefs command with search functionality. Try the commands /prefs sound or /prefs 1,…, /prefs 38.
  • Ability to display contacts with their email. This feature can be enabled in registry by setting the DWORD value DisplayName to 3.
  • Ability to open a chat window by a single click instead of a double click on the desktop contact. This feature can be enabled in registry by adding a DWORD value FloatChatOnClick = 1.
  • Lock Windows Live Messenger by minimizing or closing the contact list. This feature can be enabled in registry by adding a DWORD value LockOnMinimizeAndClose = 1.

    Bug Fixes:

  • Preferences & Options Window closes on “Apply” when changing the current language.
  • Missing Plus! icon when some skins are applied.
  • Scripting function CScriptObjectMessenger::put_MyPersonalMessage is not supported in Windows Live Messenger 2011.
  • Scripting function CScriptObjectChatWnd::AddContact is not supported in Windows Live Messenger 2011.
  • Display event notifications in the information area is not working correctly.
  • Plus! Menu not displayed correctly in Unicode languages.
  • The Name Tag is disabled in Personalized Status dialog in Windows Live Messenger 2011.
  • Empty local log files are created when only online logging option is enabled.
Messenger Plus! 5.01.706 (08/03/2011)

    New Feature:

  • Quick '/' commands can now be used in the search field of Messenger's contact list.

    Bug Fixes:

  • Messenger crashes when online logging is enabled.
  • MS Visual C++ Runtime error when a registry key is missing.
  • Auto-accept requests feature opens many "Windows Live Help Center" pages.
  • Messenger lock shortcut doesn't always work.
  • Contact list context menu was sometimes not displayed at all for Facebook contacts.
  • Contact list context menu might not work properly with an RTL version of Messenger 2011.
  • The Plus! menu icon is reversed in an RTL Messenger's contact list.
  • Improved the housekeeping done by the setup and uninstaller.
  • Some Messenger emoticons are missing in the online logging system.
  • Emotion sounds are not sorted alphabetically in the sound panel.
  • Added regular expression (Regex) in advance search mode.
  • Using ALT shortcuts in the preferences triggers a Windows error sound.
  • The message box is not always displayed on top when opening a corrupt sound pack.
  • Log viewer command line parameters do not work as expected.
Messenger Plus! 5.00.702 (08/02/2011)
  • Messenger Plus! support for Windows Live Messenger 2011 (including scripts and skins support.
  • Added support for Facebook contacts in Plus! Menus.
  • Support for older versions of Messenger (versions 8.x) has been removed. WLM 2009 is still supported.
  • Redesign of Plus! appearance. Complete facelift.
  • Provide automatic online logging from Messenger Plus! to msgplus.net in real-time.
  • Manually upload local logs to msgplus.net
  • Consult online log from www.msgplus.net or from the local log viewer.
  • Local logs can now be grouped by contact, Date or disk layout.
  • On the fly encryption/decryption from within the local log viewer.
  • Archive management with compression from within the log viewer.
  • Simplified log viewer search with syntax highlighting (also combine the search from the online log).
  • Added regular expression (Regex) in advance search mode.
  • Redesign preference window with easier tree list navigation and configuration item search.
  • Configuration item grouping by activities.
  • Redesigned emotion sounds and emoticon panels with sizeable window.
  • Quick access history panel with advanced filtering.
  • Fix of WLM messages of Warning for unsafe file type during auto accept request.
  • New copy e-mail to clipboard menu option in chat window.
  • We now disable messenger lock hotkey by default.
  • Brand new web site with tons of new features to come.
Messenger Plus! Live 4.90.392 (12/10/2010)
  • Compatibility with Messenger 2011 Beta 1 has been removed and replaced by compatibility with the Final version (still un-supported and requires disabling safe mode).
    • Skinning is now supported in Messenger 2011 with the exception of custom window shapes.
    • Skinning: UIB files can all be properly decoded and re-encoded (windows definitions and styles can be skinned).
    • Skinning: resources from new locations are now extracted from Messenger.
  • Skinning: comments enclosed in "/* */" are now supported in style files.
  • Once the installation is completed succesfully, a web based 'Thank you' page will be launched.
  • Once the uninstallation is completed succesfully, a call is made to Messenger Plus! servers for statistical purpose.
Messenger Plus! Live 4.85.386 (19/07/2010)
  • Microsoft recently released a beta version of Messenger 2010/2011 (Wave 4). Although Messenger Plus! is not compatible with the new version yet, this new release properly detects the beta and do some basic initialisation for things like the auto-update feature.
  • When the new Messenger beta is detected, Messenger Plus! adds its usual "Software not loaded" menu in the contact list. From this menu, the compatibility window can be displayed to display some information and, more importantly, to let more advanced users disable "safe mode".
    • When safe mode is disabled with the beta, Messenger Plus! activates some of its functionalities. Using Messenger Plus! in this mode may cause all sorts of errors to occur, no support will be given for beta versions of Messenger.
    • If you experience issues after disabling safe mode, use the Maintenance wizard (available from the uninstaller) to revert Messenger Plus! to its normal state.
  • The Repair Wizard of the uninstaller now resets the "safe mode" setting of Messenger Plus! even if user preferences are not erased.
  • When Windows Live Messenger is not detected on a system, the setup does not download Messenger Plus! 3 automatically anymore on Windows XP systems. Users can still download Messenger Plus! 3 directly on msgpluslive.net.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.84.384 (06/06/2010)
  • The move to Visual Studio 2010 caused Messenger Plus! to stop working for a minority of users. The resource DLL of Messenger Plus! has been modified to solve this issue.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.84.382 (18/04/2010)
  • Translations have been updated.
  • A bug has been fixed in the Promotion System.
  • Messenger Plus! has been reorganised for the development of Plus!5. Everything is now compiled with Visual Studio 2010 and managed in TFS.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.83.380 (17/03/2010)
  • The setup has been modified to be compatible with project K (more about that soon :).
  • The toolbar installation program is now downloaded by the setup dynamically.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.83.378 (14/02/2010)
  • The new Promotion System has been improved internally to support more parameters.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.83.376 (15/01/2010)
  • Fixed: in some cases, the Sweet IM add-on caused contact list problems when installed alongside Messenger Plus!.
  • A toolbar is now included in every new download of Messenger Plus! in place of the old sponsor program. The toolbar has its own uninstaller and works like any other normal proper toolbar in your browser (it can be enabled, disabled, etc...). Its installation is still entirely optional.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.83.375 (18/12/2009)
  • Fixed: the new Promotion System is now fully operational.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.83.374 (10/12/2009)
    the chat windows is displayed incorrectly (mirrored) on Hebrew and Arabic versions of Windows Live Messenger.
  • A new Promotion System has been included within Messenger Plus! for preliminary testing. This system will display promotional material in Messenger's windows by adding buttons in existing Messenger's button bars. These buttons are country specific and different buttons may appear in different countries. This system is what will finally let us put an end to the old sponsor program in the least intrusive manner. If you don't care about such things, uncheck the "Show me promotions" option in the Customize! preferences panel.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.83.372 (17/10/2009)
  • Tested and compatible with the latest Messenger update: 14.0.8089.726.
  • All the code related to the 2009 Contest has been removed from this version. Thanks again for playing!
  • Improved network hooking mechanism. For some people, this will improve how Messenger Plus! catches various network events (used for notifications, the event viewer, ...). For other people, this will solve a rare problem where Messenger crashes upon sign-in (Messenger Plus! will try to detect the faulty behaviour caused by buggy network software and will switch to an alternate hooking method automatically when Messenger is restarted).
  • Messenger tends to slow down when improper compatibility settings are set for msnmsgr.exe. The setup of Messenger Plus! now resets the compatibility settings set for Messenger in Windows Vista and above.
  • Added a new preference setting in the "Customize!" panel to let you opt-out of any current and future promotion organised with Messenger Plus! (like contests or various promotional notifications).
  • Fixed: Messenger Plus! is not compatible with BitDefender Total Security 2010. This will probably fix some other similar incompatibilities as well. Note that as a result, keyboard shortcuts in Messenger Plus! windows (like pressing Tab to move to the next control) may stop working and the Messenger systray icon may not be replaced by Messenger Lock.
  • Fixed: the "Enhance copy/paste" feature in chat windows inserts an Arabic B character instead of an asterisk at the beginning of new messages.
  • Fixed: sign-in notifications in Messenger Plus! (Event Viewer, scripts, ...) aren't working as they should in Windows XP with Messenger 8.5 since September due to a protocol change.
  • Scripts. Fixed: MsgPlus::DownloadFile() does not accept user names and passwords with a @ character.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.82.368 (30/06/2009)
  • Messenger Plus! is now entirely compatible with Windows 7 (RC minimum) :
    • The Messenger Lock feature has been fixed. A new icon is added to the tray in Windows 7 if an unlock keyboard shortcut is not specified.
    • The default Messenger Lock icon in Windows 7 has been changed to blend in better in the new UI (hourglass: shell32.dll,323).
    • Note: the jump list of Messenger will work properly when using the Multiple-Accounts (polygamy) option but  you'll get the options for only one of your Messenger clients.
    • Tabbed chats display a proper preview (peek) picture with a list of currently opened chats. Chats waiting for input are colorized in the thumbnail and Alt+Tab or Win+Tab combinations also display the proper picture.
    • A couple of other minor fixes here and there to make the Windows 7 experience complete.
  • The settings of your scripts and skins can now be exported from the preferences panel and re-imported back.
    • Only the settings of the scripts/skins are exported and not the scripts/skins themselves.
    • As far as scripts are concerned, only the scripts that put their settings where they're supposed to (see MsgPlus.ScriptRegPath) will be concerned by this new feature.
  • This release is contest-ready!
    • In this version, you will see a new golden icon in your Messenger toolbar. Those who participated in the contest 2 years ago will probably remember what this is.
    • A "Play and Win" menu has been added in the contact list.
    • The 2009 Contest is not open yet, it will be in about a week from now. Remember to give it a try in July!
  • The bug present in beta versions of IE8 has been fixed in IE8 Final. The workaround for displaying long chat logs in the Log Viewer has been removed.
  • Navigation arrows are now added in Windows 7 for tabbed chats, below the Aero Peek thumbnail in the task bar. Use them to switch from one chat to the next.
  • Fixed: the background of the title bars of Messenger Plus! windows does not display correctly with bright colors.
  • When a directory is selected in the Log Viewer, the log currently displayed is removed from the screen.
  • Fixed: default Messenger sounds for event notifications and new external emails aren't played by Messenger Plus! in Messenger 2009.
  • Scripts. Fixed: scripts may be automatically started and marked as "running" the first time Messenger is restarted after a script has been updated, even if the script is disabled.
  • Skins. Fixed: new border areas specified in <Dimensions> do not work in Messenger 2009 Final.
  • Skins: Fixed: the <FrameCount> element in <MetaData> is not used if specified without any other meta data.
  • A couple of stability fixes. Runaway, from the river to the street.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.81.358 (22/03/2009)
  • Directories and files in the log viewer are now sorted chronologically, when possible.
  • Added "OverrideImgTransfer" registry setting. If set to true (1), Messenger Plus! forces a JPG file to be sent in a file transfer when a picture is pasted in a conversation. Especially useful if you do not like Photo Sharing in Messenger 2009.
  • Fixed: custom emoticons that are assigned keyboard shortcuts such as "!" prevent emotion sounds to be sent properly.
  • In order to accelerate the uninstaller, scripts and skins removed during uninstallation are now deleted instead of moved to the Recycle Bin.
  • Fixed: Log Viewer does not display long chat logs properly when Internet Explorer 8 is installed (I consider this to be a bug in the way IE8 emulates IE7 for WebBrowser controls with Transitional XHTML).
  • Fixed: pressing Ctrl+A in a multi-line edit box doesn't have any effect.
  • Scripts. ChatWnd::SendMessage() can now be used with an empty message parameter to send the text currently present in the typing area.
  • Fixed: the Emotion Sound panel is not properly placed in the chat window when 20 sounds or more are displayed at the same time.
  • Fixed: some preferences windows and skin option panels may not be properly scrolled with the middle button of some mouses.
  • A new way to support Messenger Plus! will now be distributed in some versions of the setup.
    • Thanks to Ask.com, you now have the option to change your home page and default search options without installing any program on your computer (apart from the uninstaller of Ask which just reverts back your browser's settings, which you can do yourself if you want).
    • The setup of Messenger Plus! can only ask for one of both options: the sponsor program from Circle Developement, or the home page/search engine changes from Ask.com. Both options, of course, are entirely optional.
    • In the next couple of weeks and months, the home page offered on plusnetwork.com will be customized and improved with lots of features. This could turn out to be a very cool addition to Messenger Plus! so don't hesitate to post your comments on the forum!

Messenger Plus! Live 4.80.356 (31/01/2009)
  • This version is entirely compatible with the final version of Windows Live Messenger 2009 (build 1202). Yes, that includes chat logging, emotion sounds, skins, scripts and so on :-).
    • The "Show contacts as Idle" option will properly display "Idle" for your contacts' status in chat windows but not in the contact list. For that reason, an "(Idle)" indicator has been added in the contact list's tooltip (Messenger 9 only).
    • The Messenger Plus! menus displayed by buttons added in the windows of Messenger are more properly aligned.
    • Skins: when a skin that redefines the shape of a window in Messenger is loaded in Messenger 9, the window frame present in Vista is properly removed.
    • Skins: vertical gradient colors cannot be created for Messenger 9, only horizontal gradients are supported.
  • The new UIB encoded version of the windows' styles and definitions is completely supported by Messenger Plus!.
    • For skinners, this means that Messenger Plus! will decode the files automatically when extracting the resources and will re-encode them automatically when added in a skin. For everybody else, it means Messenger Plus! will still rock in 2009! :-).
    • Notes about UIB decoding: in order to make things as simple as possible for the skin developers, Messenger Plus! generates definition files and style files almost identical to what you used to see in Messenger before. One of the differences you'll notice is a <*PlusSkin*/> tag on top of each file: do not remove it or alter it.
    • Skins: if you used to write some strange exotic syntax in your windows' files which was previously accepted and parsed by Messenger, Messenger Plus! may not be so tolerant. The opposite is also true as Messenger Plus! may accept things that Messenger did not (like character escaping in strings such as "\n"). In the end, most developers won't ever notice a difference though.
    • Skins: Windows Definition files and Windows Styles files can still be included separately in your skins. If one of the two files is missing, Messenger Plus! will decode the internal UIB file in order to get the missing piece before re-encoding everything (this may slow down Messenger a little at the first occurrence).
    • Skins: the skin trace file will now include more precise information when a loading error occurs as Messenger Plus! is doing the parsing itself. Also, note that if a window file cannot be parsed properly, the original one from Messenger will now be used instead.
  • Information for all add-on and patch developers working on Messenger: in order for you to keep on working on your software, I have decided to allow you to encode and decode UIB files for your own use.
    • "MPTools.exe", which is available in the Messenger Plus! directory, will take care of your UIB needs. All you have to do is specify the source and destination files and MPTools will do the rest.
    • You have two ways to use this feature: if your add-on/patch requires live modifications to the windows files based on some user options, Messenger Plus! will need to be installed on your users' computers and your software will need to call MPTools before and after you modify the file. If you only need fixed changes to be applied on one given version of Messenger, you can decode, modify and re-encode the files yourself and distribute the final UIB file which won't require Messenger Plus! to be installed.
    • Although both solutions will work perfectly fine, doing live encoding and decoding with MPTools will always be the recommended for many reasons, the first one being that your add-on will benefit from all the future update automatically and will stay compatible with the next versions of Messenger. Note that MPTools.exe cannot be redistributed and used on its own though, Messenger Plus! needs to be installed for the tool to work (you can either link it from your software or download/install it automatically, with the /Silent switch or not, you decide).
    • Check out the new "Encoding and Decoding UIB" section of the skinning documentation for more details.
  • Compatibility with all previous beta versions of Windows Live Messenger 9/14/2009 has been removed (more than a year of betas for this one!).
  • Contacts from Yahoo! Messenger are now handled better by Messenger Plus!.
  • Messenger Plus! now displays many of its windows using the specific color selected for each contact. Display pictures are also displayed in contact related popup notifications (can be turned off in the preferences).
  • The Contact Information window now displays an animation for animated display pictures.
  • When chatting with more than 2 people, the size of the header in chat logs is now reduced.
  • When chatting in a group in Messenger 2009, whenever possible, Messenger Plus! creates a single chat log file associated to the group.
  • The "enhance copy/paste" feature now doesn't do anything with pictures and lets Messenger handles it.
  • A new icon is displayed in tabbed chats for group chats.
  • Windows 7 is now properly reported by (!VER). Messenger Plus! is currently reported to work on this OS.
  • The Multiple Accounts option (polygamy) is now compatible with the Windows 7 jump list tasks (tasks are sent to the Messenger that was launched in last).
  • A couple of things have been improved internally to ensure the reliability of the sound modules in Messenger Plus! (especially when using emotion sounds).
  • Emotion sounds are not automatically played anymore when Messenger is locked.
  • The Greek language is now part of the official distribution.
  • Setup is now faster if many of scripts and skins are installed.
  • Fixed: the Messenger Plus! icons may not be added in the Messenger windows if a skin is enabled but failed to load.
  • Fixed: spin controls in the emotion sound wizard are inversed.
  • Fixed: Messenger Plus! windows don't look good when a very bright color is selected in Messenger. The color of titles in all windows has been darkened too.
  • Fixed: in Messenger 8.5, the names of contacts that are using Messenger 2009 may be displayed incorrectly by Messenger Plus!.
  • Fixed: Messenger may crash on startup if a hooking error occurs (problem introduced in version 4.70).
  • Fixed: when several user sessions are active and Messenger Plus! needs to restart Messenger (when importing a skin for example), the Messengers of all the user sessions are closed.
  • Fixed: "Format Codes" button not added in the the Chinese Messenger options.
  • Fixed: the password parameter for command line encryption with LogViewer.exe requires password that have a minimum length of 4 characters.
  • Fixed: /PlusSkin="" is ignored and does not prevent the current skin to be loaded.
  • The "Use the default scene" option available in chat windows is now supported by Messenger Plus!. Note however that Messenger 2009 has a bug preventing this option to work properly sometimes when changed and requiring the chat window to be closed and reopened. Messenger Plus! always sticks to the option as you selected it.
  • Scripts: Image elements now support GIF pictures. Use the new AllowAnimate attribute to automatically animate the picture on screen.
  • Scripts: MsgPlus.DisplayToastContact now supports an additional "Contact" parameter to allow Messenger Plus! to colorize the toasts your script display according to a contact's profile.
  • Scripts: added a new "ProfileColor" property to Contact objects. You can use this to know what color is currently associated to a specific contact (according to its Messenger profile).
  • Scripts: added a new "BaseColor" property to PlusWnd objects. Use it if you want to modify the base color of your windows, for example, to match contact specific colors.
  • Scripts and Skins: the <AllowAutoUpdate> element now also takes effect if no Build Number or Update Id is specified.
  • Scripts. Fixed: DataBloc::ReadInterfacePtr() does not work as expected.
  • Skins: the Resource Extractor has been improved for Messenger 2009.
    • The "rcanim", "rcbmp" and "rcchar" resource identifiers are now recognized and handled properly.
    • Cursors are extracted.
    • Strings from "msgres" are extracted.
    • Added basic consolidation mode (third check state in the Resource Extractor window, looks like a square). Use it to produce consolidated windows files that can be used safely in your final skin. Things like strings are not replaced in this mode (for localisation reasons).
  • Skins: the skininfo schema file has been modified for Messenger 2009.
    • Strings from "msgres" can now be modified.
    • The cursors specified in "msgres" can be replaced.
    • Remember that the version number of the new Messenger is 14.0 and not 9.0 (keep that in mind when writing your <Restrictions> elements).
  • Skins. Fixed: Metadata is not applied properly when replacing pictures that did not any Metadata in the first place.
  • Skins: the tabbed chat bar can now be skinned with the picture of your choice, displayed in mosaic and colorized if required. Check out "PlusSkin\ResGroup\TabbedChatBar" for more details.
    • Note: the "MessengerPlus\TabbedChatBar" option element has been deprecated and it is recommended that you do not use it (it may not produce good results in Messenger 9).
  • Skins. Fixed: Build and Revision can be inversed when reading the Information\Compatibility element.
  • Skins: thanks to research done by Willz, a new element named "FrameCount" has been added to picture's Metadata. You can use it when replacing or adding animated pictures.
  • Skins: the Resource Extractor now supports the new resource types introduced  in Messenger 2009 (which are used transparently while consolidating the windows data).
  • Skins: the color map file generated by the Resource Extractor now specifies "ref" for color ids that are references to other colors.
  • Skins: the number of encrypted RLE files the Resource Extractor was not able to process fell from 158 in the last beta to 2 in Messenger 2009! (and it's because those two produce an empty result so for now, I prefer considering them as un-processed). This special kind of RLE file has a variable size, the content is generated dynamically with the size requested by Messenger at any given time. Once decrypted, "_var" is attached to the name of the file to make sure you don't forget about it when modifying the resource (if you replace those by pictures, make sure your pictures are big enough to avoid looking pixelized).
  • Skins: added "ResetUserScenes" value in the "Options\Messenger" element. It's considered to be "true" by default and is used to remove the currently selected scene from all the user profiles when a skin is selected. Disable this option if your skin is meant to be used in conjunction with scenes.
  • Skins: you can now add a "SkinOptions" element in "PlusSkin" resource groups. Use it for conditional skinning of Messenger Plus! resources based on the skin's properties.
  • Skins: because Messenger 2009 restricts the command ids that can be sent from sub-windows to parent windows (like the top toolbar in the contact list), a work-around has been added to Messenger Plus!. Instead of adding a "cmdid" attribute, you need to add a specially formatted "accvalue" attribute. For example, instead of cmdid=7460 you'll need to add accvalue="Messenger Plus! CmdId: 7460".

Messenger Plus! Live 4.70.334 (09/08/2008)
  • Messenger Plus! is now better prepared for the future with several internal changes.
  • New feature: you can now paste very large chunks of text and pictures into a conversation. Messenger Plus! detects pasting operations that are not originally supported by Messenger and, when possible, generates a temporary file to send to the contact.
  • Emotion sounds played by Messenger Plus! are now played in stereo. This fixes problems caused by faulty hardware or drivers that do not handle mono sound files properly (resulting in incorrect playback or no playback at all).
  • New feature: all scripts and skins can now be automatically updated! this will ensure you always get the benefits from the latest versions of the components you use without worrying about them.
    • Almost all the current scripts and skins are supported by the system. Update check is done once a week, as usual, and you can force a manual check by using the /checkupdates command in any chat window.
    • If an update is available, you will be notified once automatically. If you choose not to install a particular update, Messenger Plus! won't prompt you about it anymore unless another update is available. This was done to remove the annoying factor of this kind of auto-update procedure.
    • This feature may be used in the future to offer exclusive new scripts, skins and more for download. This will also help the distribution of minor updates using delta patches.
    • Script and skin developers are encouraged to use the new UpdateId and BuildNumber information elements in their XML file to ensure proper future updates or their products (see updated documentation).
    • Of course, all of this can be disabled in the preferences.
  • New "panel size" option added for the Quick Icons panel. Use it to display more emoticons in each page of the panel.
  • The (!VER) tag now correctly identifies Windows Server 2008.
  • Double-clicking on a contact in the Contact List Clean-Up window now opens the Contact Information window.
  • A new page has been added at the end of the Setup to confirm that installation was successful and to offer a link to download new skins.
  • Security fix: mis-formated URLs saved in HTML chat logs can corrupt log files (fixed previously in build 326).
  • Messenger Plus! now prevents you to specify an encryption password hint equal to the password itself.
  • The Interface Tester program now supports command line arguments (use -? for more details). External programs wanting to display a preview of Messenger Plus! windows may want to use this.
  • Fixed: skin shapes are not always properly applied.
  • Fixed: invalid skin packs may display an error message twice on import.
  • Scripts: added <Size> element for RichStatic controls.
  • You know it's not the end...

Messenger Plus! Live 4.60.324 (19/03/2008)
  • You can now filter yourself out from event logging.
  • Mobile Device chat windows are now fully supported by Messenger Plus!.
    • Features like Quick Texts, commands, smart tags and previous message recall are now accessible the same way as they are in normal chat windows.
    • Logging is fully functional.
    • Mobile chat windows are now tabbed too. If you prefer keeping your mobile chats separated from one another, you can use the new TabMobileChatWnds registry setting.
  • If too many Plus! notification popups try to be displayed on screen, Messenger Plus! queues the extra windows to be displayed later, when possible (so that notifications aren't displayed out of screen).
  • WMA sounds can now be selected for event notifications.
  • Fixed: some animated GIF display pics (Messenger 9) display improperly in the Contact Information windows.
  • Fixed: /font does not work in Messenger 9 Beta.
  • Fixed: some of Messenger Plus!'s own resources are loaded before the currently enabled skin, preventing them to be modified.
  • Fixed: a couple of bugs that could cause Messenger to crash in some specific occasions. More stability! always a good thing.
  • Fixed: external libraries distributed with scripts that need registration on import (OLE or .NET) fail to register in Windows Vista with UAC on. Messenger Plus! also makes absolutely sure now that the libraries are properly registered before trying to start the script for the first time.
  • Fixed: notification popups from Messenger Plus! may steal the focus.
  • Fixed: notification windows from Messenger Plus! don't animate depending on your Windows settings.
  • Fixed: Messenger may not lock or unlock properly when using several Messenger accounts (polygamy) with the same shortcut specified for locking or unlocking.
  • Scripts: a new function called Interop.GetCallbackPtr() has been added. It allows the creation of callback parameters for Windows API calls to functions like EnumWindows.
  • Scripts: mobile chat windows are now supported. The following property has been added: ChatWnd.IsMobileChat. A new MENULOC_MOBILEWND enumeration has been added to OnEvent_MenuClicked() and OnGetScriptMenu().
  • Scripts: you can now upload files to FTP servers using the new MsgPlus.UploadFileFTP() function. Success or failure is indicated through a call to OnEvent_UploadFileComplete(). This new function can also be used to check an FTP connection without uploading anything.
  • Scripts: a new PlusWnd::Button_SetElementText() function has been added to change the text of text elements defined in "custom look" buttons, check boxes, and radio buttons.
  • Scripts: added a new PlusWnd::GetElementPos() function to get the current position of an Element (such as a Place Holder) in a window.
  • Scripts: some small improvements made to the new built-in editor.
  • Scripts: MsgPlus.DownloadFile now accepts two additional parameters: Username and Password. They can be used when downloading files from ftp servers that need authentication.
  • Scripts: added a new MsgPlus.ExtractFromZIP function to allow easy extraction of files from a ZIP archive.
  • Scripts: you can now set Messenger.MyDisplayPicture to an empty string to remove the display picture of the current user.
  • Skins: the Metadata\File element for replaced images now works properly (replaces resources of type 4006).
  • Skins: a new DateRange restriction type has been added.
    • You can use it to make your skin change automatically depending on the current day, month, or year.
    • Remember that the date is analysed only when Messenger starts.
    • It is recommended to use the PlusVersion restriction as well to prevent the date restricted groups to be automatically included in older versions of Messenger Plus!. You can also set the top level "Version" attribute of "SkinInfo" to 2 to prevent the whole skin from being loaded in older incompatible versions.
  • Skins: extracted pictures placed in Graphics\Pictures are now named differently if the picture is actually a reference to another one. This mean that for example, picture 4000_91_ref600.png is a reference to 4000_600.png and that only the later needs to be modified in Messenger's resources.
  • Skins: a new "Colorize" boolean element has been added to RGBA "Color" resources. It allows more advanced users to enable colorization for a given color instead of specifying an intensity (useful so that the default associated color does not end up being grey).
  • Skins: a new top-level "Fonts" element has been added. You can now distribute custom font files with your skin and use them in your definition and style files. These fonts are not installed system wide, they are only made available to Messenger and Messenger Plus! windows.
  • Skins: gradient colors can now be specified in "Color" resources. These colors are to be used in backgrounds only. Note that in the current version of Messenger 9 Beta, horizontal gradients will be displayed vertically.
  • Skins: a new "Rectangles" resource type has been added in "Replace". You can use it to replace rcrect styles more directly.
  • Skins: additional flexibility and features added for custom option windows:
    • Any number of link controls can now be added in custom option windows. The caption of the control is used as link, http and https is supported. Note that the caption can only contain a link, no extra text is permitted for the web site's address to be detected.
    • You can now add a button or a link control with id "AboutWnd" to trigger the display of a second, separate about box for your skin. To id of your about box windows are defined in SkinInfo, OptionInterface\AboutIds elements.
    • The About Box window cannot contain any option control. It can, however, contain link controls (as specified above).
  • Skins: A new "Environment" kind of <*PlusSkin*> tag is now supported. It allows conditions based on the current version of Messenger or Messenger Plus!, or the language of Messenger.
  • Skins: the interface color used by the current user can now be reset to any custom color of your choice when a skin is enabled. This can be specified in the new Options\Messenger\ResetUserColor element of skininfo and is useful if your skin looks better in a given color. If the skin supports colorization, it is recommended to keep blue as the default in your files and use this setting to choose the substitute a default color on installation.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.23.276 (05/06/2007)
  • Fixed: the icon to access the 6th anniversary contest disappears after June 5th.
  • Fixed: the "Format Codes" button is not added in the Messenger options in Chinese versions of Messenger.
  • Fixed: in some rare instances, Messenger 8.5 may crash after closing a chat window (remember that support for this version of Messenger is still beta though)..
  • Fixed a couple of other small problems.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.22.274 (01/06/2007)
  • Support for the Messenger 8.5.0517 public beta. The interface of Messenger Plus! will be improved to match the changes when the final version of Messenger 8.5 is released.
  • Fixed: Messenger may crash if Messenger Plus! cannot initialize properly in some precise circumstances.
  • Scripts: fixed Contact objects not accessible in contact events (such as ContactStatusChange) between OnEvent_Signin and OnEvent_SigninReady.
  • A couple of small glitches fixed.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.21.270 (16/05/2007)
  • Added support for the new "I'm" emoticons of Messenger 8.1 in various Messenger Plus! windows.
  • Some improvements for script developers:
    • The script editor window remembers its size and position.
    • A "find text" window has been added to the script editor, accessible from the Options menu or with Ctrl+F.
    • On error, the script debugging window now displays the file name associated with the line number where the error occurred.
  • This version includes access to the 6th anniversary contest that will start in about a week from now. This will be removed in the next version when the contest is over. For more information, check out the announcement on msgpluslive.net.
  • A new selection criteria has been added for event notifications. You can now choose to create notifications that automatically apply to contacts with opened conversation windows. Useful for example to get notified when someone signs-out unexpectedly if you don't notice it in the chat window.
  • No extra header is added to chat logs anymore when closing a chat window and reopening it soon after. The default timeout for new session headers is 10 minutes and can be modified with the new ChatLogSessionWait registry setting.
  • To help people who customize the looks of their Messenger Plus! chat logs, if a "custom.css" file is found in the Messenger Plus!'s installation directory, it is automatically copied in the directory of newly created XHTML chat log files (only if no custom.css file already exits in the destination directory).
  • Blocked contacts are now displayed with the grey offline buddy icon when needed in tabbed chats and desktop contact windows.
  • An option has been added to display the e-mail of the current user in the tooltip of the systray icon (mostly useful when using several accounts together, enabled by default).
  • The contact name displayed in custom event notifications can now be modified by formatting the message like this: \Name\Message.
  • A Turkish translation has been added to the setup.
  • Added a new fail-safe mechanism to add the "Plus! Not Loaded" menu in more failure circumstances, to inform the user of the problem.
  • The setup uses a better compression method and is now even smaller than it was for version 4.00.
  • Scripts from the previous script developer contest are not included anymore (they can all be downloaded from the site).
  • The default font for HTML chat logs has been changed from Microsoft Sans Serif to MS Shell Dlg (which actually maps to your system's default UI font). This was changed in Messenger some time ago and the change in Messenger Plus! will reduce the size of HTML log files generated with the default font (the logs will look the same as before).
  • If several event notifications apply to the same user and have exactly the same parameters (message & sound), the notifications are not duplicated.
  • When a script is installed, enabled or disabled, the change is reflected in every Messenger currently running. When that happens, all the scripts in the other instances are restarted. To avoid causing problems to script developers, creating a new script or editing an existing one will not trigger an automatic reload in the other instances.
  • Fixed: scripts or add-ons that add a systray icon can cause problems to some of the Messenger Plus! features.
  • Fixed: the new enhanced text copy feature does not support RTF (formatting attributes are not copied with the text).
  • Fixed: the enhanced text copy feature is not used when pressing Ctrl+Ins or Shift+Del.
  • Fixed: Messenger Plus! notification popups do not stack and appear one at a time.
  • Fixed: encrypted logs cannot be generated nor read on some Windows accounts if the Messenger Plus! keyset container got corrupted.
  • Fixed: auto-update setup does not launch on Windows Vista (fixed for future auto-updates, excluding this version).
  • Fixed: Messenger Lock does not sign-out the current user if his status is appear-offline (when "sign-out" is the status selected for the lock).
  • Fixed: chat windows cannot be opened anymore and Messenger may crash if a third-party software is used to close a tabbed chat window.
  • Fixed: bug introduced in the last version. Tabbed chats don't flash when some special actions such as /me commands or winks are received.
  • Scripts: fixed a problem with rich edit controls re-appearing after a position change of the parent.
  • Scripts: added EditBox_SetCurSel, EditBox_ReplaceSel, EditBox_GetCurSelStart, EditBox_GetCurSelEnd, RichEdit_GetTextRange and RichEdit_SetCharFormat to PlusWnd objects to simplify working with edit controls.
  • Scripts: Interop::Call and Interop::Call2 now accept up to 12 parameters so that functions like CreateWindowEx can be called if needed.
  • Scripts: fixed title bar draw glitch when sending WM_SETICON to an interface window.
  • Scripts: OnEvent_Timer function calls are not automatically displayed in the Script Debugging window anymore. This prevents the window from filling up with continuous repetitive calls.
  • And yes, many other small things fixed here and there that are not worth mentioning :-).

Messenger Plus! Live 4.20.262 (28/02/2007)
  • Various visual adjustments for Windows Vista. Some of them are dependant of your system's configuration and theme settings. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Animation effects when most Messenger Plus! windows open and close.
    • Fixed "black box" display glitch when resizing Messenger Plus! windows.
    • Drop-down lists (combo boxes) in Messenger Plus! windows look better.
    • Most "open file" and "save file" windows use the new Vista template.
    • No more sluggish transition effects on some of the controls when the mouse pointer passes over them.
    • All windows now display properly with right-to-left languages.
    • Tabbed chats don't create an empty area in Flip3D. The chat window is not part of the flip sequence but is displayed in the background. This may be improved in future releases but it all depends on the (rather limited or undocumented) new DWM API of Windows.
  • This version of Messenger Plus! is distributed with some additional scripts. Scripts add various new improvements to Messenger and are all developed by third parties, people like you and me, who give some of their time to help the Messenger community. The installation of scripts can be disabled in the setup and future versions of Messenger Plus! won't necessarily be distributed with the same scripts (or any at all for that matter). These scripts have been bundled mainly so that a larger portion of the Messenger Plus! userbase discovers the benefits of installing scripts. The scripts distributed with this version are all available in the script database at msgpluslive.net, along with 250 more :). I hope you'll all enjoy these fine creations!
  • Administrator privileges are not required in Windows Vista anymore when importing sound packs and scripts from the Windows shell.
  • Messenger is not launched automatically at the end of the setup of Messenger Plus! if the setup is not running in the context of the currently logged on user (happens in Vista if the setup is launched from a non-administrator user account).
  • Importing sound packs and scripts from the shell in accounts with no administrator privileges now works properly in Windows Vista.
  • No more use of virtualized directories in Windows Vista. The necessary security rights are set to some of the directories created and accessed by Messenger Plus!.
  • Added new feature: text copied in chat windows (in both the received messages and typing areas) now includes emoticons codes instead of white spaces.
  • Preferences pack files now have an associated icon and can be imported from the shell.
  • Added Hebrew language to the main distribution package.
  • The (!VER) tag now reports the edition of Windows Vista.
  • The Control key needs to be pressed when deleting a contact in the Contact List Clean-up window to block it as well.
  • No more "Error 8005" when the setup of Messenger Plus! is launched on a system with some font problems.
  • Chat logging is disabled by default in guest accounts.
  • The Contact Information window now displays the personal message as well. Also, the display picture has been fixed when using a right-to-left language in Messenger Plus!.
  • A new icon has been added in the contact list and the chat windows to access the scripts' menus.
  • The way the task bar flashes when a new message is received in a tabbed chat has been improved to avoid missing unseen messages. This feature has also been fixed for Windows Vista.
  • Added a diagnostic message in the setup to download and repair the MSXML 3 library from microsoft.com. This helps fix "Error 8008".
  • The setup has better chances to succeed if Messenger is running in different user sessions when installation occurs.
  • Fixed: the tabbed chats bar may display no name or status for newly created chat windows.
  • Fixed: using the /psm command with IRC format codes can corrupt Messenger's Contact cache and prevent users to sign back-in.
  • Fixed: encrypted log files located in a read-only folder cannot be decrypted by the Log Viewer (known limitation: pictures aren't displayed in html log files when that's the case).
  • Fixed: some Messenger Plus! menus have a bad internal looking extra contour.
  • Fixed: (!M) tag doesn't display the proper email for Yahoo contacts.
  • Fixed: the chat history window can become a little bit messed-up when sending several emoticons that half transform into bbcode in the same message.
  • Fixed: when in Messenger Lock mode, the Messenger icon in the systray is reverted back to normal if explorer.exe crashes and the systray bar is recreated.
  • Fixed: the Log Viewer doesn't display folders that only contains sub-folders.
  • Fixed: Messenger Plus! displays "yahoo:" in front of Yahoo contact's names.
  • Fixed: "In a call" status is not considered to be "Busy" by some of the features of Messenger Plus! (like playing sounds).
  • Fixed: floating desktop contacts of yourself do not work properly.
  • Fixed: the scripting documentation cannot be downloaded from the editor window in Windows Vista.
  • Fixed: can't import scripts when the full path to the scripts directory is not readable by the current user.
  • Scripts: fixed Contacts::GetContact() and Messenger::OpenChat() for contacts that are connected on the Yahoo network.
  • Scripts: OnEvent_ContactSignout is never called anymore after OnEvent_Signout.
  • Scripts: OnEvent_Uninitialize is always properly sent when Windows is restarted while Messenger is still running.
  • Scripts: Added a <Version> element in ScriptInfo to help developers specify the version of their scripts. This will prevent duplicated copies of the same script from being installed on a user's system (as the name of the script is used to create the corresponding script's directory). This tag is displayed in the import and preferences window.
  • Scripts: OnWindowidEvent_LstViewClicked events are now sent when the user clicks in an empty part of the control. In that case, ItemIdx is -1.
  • Scripts: added OnWindowidEvent_LstViewSelStateChanged event for ListView controls. This even is fired every time an item is selected or unselected.
  • Scripts: the documentation has been updated in several places. Please make sure you get the latest version! (and as a general rule, try to remember to check for documentation updates every month or so. The documentation can be updated/improved even when Messenger Plus! itself isn't).
  • Scripts: added MsgPlus::UILangCode property to get the code of the language currently displayed by Messenger Plus!.
  • Scripts: added ChatWnd::HistoryText_GetCurSelStart and ChatWnd::HistoryText_GetCurSelEnd to get the current selection in the message history area (where messages are received).
  • Scripts: added ChatWnd::HistoryText_GetTextRange to get a portion of text from the message history area.
  • Scripts: added MsgPlus::DownloadFile function and the corresponding OnEvent_DownloadFileComplete event to allow scripts to download files asynchronously.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.11.254 (28/11/2006)
  • Messenger Plus! now always works properly when a SOCKS server is configured in the Messenger options (can happen when installing other add-ons such as SimpLite-MSN). This fixes problems with contact events not being detected.
  • Every Messenger process launched in the system is now terminated if necessary during setup to prevent "file locked" problems.
  • Fixed: Messenger crashes if a script or a sound pack is attempted to be imported while Messenger Plus! has not been loaded properly (when the "Software Not Loaded" menu is present).
  • Fixed: some preferences may not be loaded and scripts may not be started when Messenger is launched automatically by another product such as Windows Live Mail.
  • Fixed: messages sent with multiple lines are not logged properly in Messenger 8.1 in XHTML logs (line breaks were not written properly).
  • Fixed: scripts that throw an exception during a DLL function call may crash Messenger if the scripting debug window is not displayed. This caused some scripts that seemed to work fine in version 4.00 to crash with version 4.01 and 4.10.
  • Fixed: the AlwaysReloadInterfaces registry setting does not function properly.
  • Scripts: parameters ranging from 0x80000000 to 0xFFFFFFFF can now be passed to Interop.Call without the need for an extra workaround.
  • Scripts: "null" values can now be passed to Interop.Call and are interpreted as "0" (integer).
  • Scripts MsgPlus.Version returns a better floating point value (see update in documentation).

Messenger Plus! Live 4.10.250 (11/11/2006)
  • Compatible with the public beta version of Windows Live Messenger 8.1 (can't be sure about the final but it should be alright).
  • Supported internal registry settings are now documented. This gives access to more than 20 different kind of settings to the most hardcore Messenger users.
  • Commands are now recognized even when some characters are automatically replaced by custom emoticons.
  • The search feature in the sound panel can now display multiple pages and does not display "get random sound" entries.
  • Added an internal message to help skinning applications interact with Messenger Plus!.
  • Quick texts now always properly parse emoticon codes.
  • Enabled scripts are now displayed first in the preferences panel.
  • Floating contact windows can now be hidden for a couple of seconds when clicking with the middle mouse button on them. Useful when you want to temporarily access something that's behind the windows.
  • If Messenger crashes when started, every installed script is disabled as a precautionary measure and a message is displayed.
  • Added Arabic language with full right-to-left support. Every window in Messenger Plus! is properly mirrored when this language is selected (as long as support for RTL languages is installed in your Windows).
  • Fixed: the XML event log file can be corrupted by new external mail events depending on the language file Messenger Plus! is using.
  • Fixed: event notifications and sounds don't work properly with Remote Desktop.
  • Fixed: the setup displays a system error instead of a user friendly error when launched on Windows 2000.
  • Fixed: Messenger may crash the first time a user signs-in after installing Messenger Plus! if old external mail settings are imported from Messenger Plus! 3.
  • Fixed: no overwrite message is displayed when saving a display picture file from the Contact Info window with an existing file name.
  • Fixed: contact names sometimes appear as "1" in the windows of Messenger Plus! when Yahoo Interop is activated.
  • Fixed: no more unnecessary extra space character when inserting bbcode tags with a keyboard shortcut.
  • Fixed: scripts can't be imported when the Scripts directory does not exist.
  • Fixed: Quick Icons panel doesn't display when a parenthesis is typed after a carriage return has been inserted in the message.
  • Fixed: receiving multi-line messages with plain-text chat logging turned on can freeze Messenger.
  • Fixed: commands don't work in quick texts that contain smart tags (like (!N)).
  • Fixed: false name change notifications in the event viewer for Yahoo Messenger contacts upon signin.
  • Fixed: on systems with several screens, Messenger Plus! windows that are minimised on smaller screens sometimes restore bigger than they should.
  • Fixed: Messenger Plus! can mix-up the settings of different contacts who have very similar email addresses.
  • Scripts: added Messenger::CustomEmoticons property to access the custom emoticons of the current Messenger users.
  • Scripts: added "Emoticons" and "Emoticon" objects. They are both pretty straightforward to use (see documentation).
  • Scripts: an error is now logged in the Script Debugging window when an exception is thrown in Interop.Call.
  • Scripts: when importing a script that's already installed, if some files are locked in the script's directory, Messenger Plus! restarts Messenger to unlock the files and complete the installation procedure (can be useful in cases where an ActiveX is loaded and refuses to unload when the script is stopped).
  • Scripts: added EnterPersonalizedStatus and LeavePersonalizedStatus events to notify when the user activates or disables a personalised status.
  • Scripts: added PlusWnd::RegisterMessageNotification. This new function can be used by more advanced scripters who want to receive specific messages processed by their windows.
  • Scripts: DataBloc:GetAt and DataBloc:SetAt use unsigned values now.
  • Scripts: sending WM_SETTEXT to an interface window changes both the caption and the title of the window.
  • Scripts: Interop.GetLastError() now works properly (see documentation).
  • Script: Interop.Call and Interop.Call2 now accept parameters ranging from 0x80000000 to 0xFFFFFFFF.
  • Scripts: added a flag to MsgPlus::CreateWnd to allow the creation of RTL windows.
  • Scripts: .NET 2.0 assemblies are now registered properly even when .NET 1.0 or 1.1 is also installed in the system.
  • Scripts: added ChatWnd::AddContact() to invite contacts to join existing chats.
  • Scripts: a special error is logged in the debug window when Interop.Call is used on functions that are not declared as __stdcall. Script developers: do NOT ignore these errors, they will cause instabilities and eventually crash Messenger in random places.
  • Scripts: creation of a new application called "Interface Tester". It allows script developers to test their interface files and preview the result as when loaded in Messenger Plus!. It can also validate xml files against the interface schema file. The software can be downloaded from a link in the new version of the Scripting Documentation.
  • Several other internal improvements.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.01.240 (16/07/2006)
  • Messenger Plus! Live now refuses to start on previous beta versions of Windows Live Messenger.
  • Added compatibility for the "Clean Messenger" patch.
  • Clicking "Apply" in the preferences to select a new language closes the preferences window to make sure the changes are applied properly.
  • More resistant to Smiley Central, although if you install or uninstall it after Messenger Plus! Live, you'll have to reinstall Messenger Plus! afterwards.
  • Emotion sounds are not played when another user is current logged in Windows.
  • "Auto replace" quick texts enclosed in ## characters now work properly for text smaller than 3 characters.
  • The Messenger Lock preference's section has been reorganised.
  • Every character entered while the command helper window is displayed is properly inserted in the edit window.
  • The Quick Icons panel is back! this was initially planned for version 4.10 but all your messages convinced me that I couldn't delay this feature anymore.
    • The panel now has a fixed size and provides a scrollbar to navigate in your list of emoticons. It loads faster this way and helps keeps things organized.
    • Custom emoticons are rendered a little bit bigger than before to help recognition (as 6 foot tall emoticons seems to be the trend nowadays).
    • You now have an option to replace Messenger's emoticon panel by the Quick Icons one (when clicking on the emoticon icon in the toolbar or pressing Ctrl+E).
    • Customization of the panel is much easier and understandable than before. You can create as many customised sections as you want , each with their own names. Use this to group emoticons by theme, frequency of use, etc...
  • Fixed: closing the sound panel while a sound is being loaded for preview can crash Messenger.
  • You can now choose to display 20 sounds at a time in the sound panel.
  • Scripts: Menu buttons now generate CtrlClicked events.
  • Scripts can now be installed in Windows Vista and on limited Windows XP accounts (remember that Vista support is still experimental though).
  • Scripts: LstBoxSelChanged and LstBoxDblClicked events are properly generated.
  • Global shortcuts can now be associated to personalized statuses.
  • Double clicking on a script pack or a sound pack in Windows Vista works properly (in Vista, it currently requires administrator privileges, you can bypass it by importing the files directly from the Messenger Plus! windows). If you still fail to import a specific script in Windows Vista, delete the entire "C:\Users\accountname\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Messenger Plus! Live" directory and restart Messenger.
  • Fixed: commands or scripts that send messages while a message is already typed in the edit window causes emoticons to be lost.
  • Scripts: the Messenger::MyName property can be changed even when the user is using a personalised status with a name tag.
  • Scripts: the OnEvent_ContactMediaChange and OnEvent_MyMediaChange events are fired when the media is removed.
  • Fixed: audio and video requests are not automatically accepted when "Auto Accept" is enabled.
  • Fixed: Messenger is not launched properly with MSN Explorer when Messenger Plus! Live is installed.
  • Compatible with MSNP14 (currently enabled when you sign-in for Yahoo Messenger interoperability). Messenger Plus! can now interact with Yahoo Messenger users exactly like it interacts with Windows Live Messenger users (remember however that your Yahoo users won't be able to benefit from features such as emotion sounds).
  • Fixed: very short emotion sounds sometimes don't "stop" and the link doesn't change to Play when the sound has ended.
  • Scripts: added Contact::Network property to identify contacts from Yahoo Messenger.
  • A couple of other minor glitches fixed.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.00.235 (24/06/2006)
  • The previous versions required Windows XP SP1 minimum to run, this version can run on an unpatched Windows XP machine.
  • Fixed another problem that caused Messenger Plus! Live to fail to load on some computers for no apparent reason (bypassed an internal requirement that is not valid anymore with Windows Live Messenger Final).

Messenger Plus! Live 4.00.234 (24/06/2006)
  • Messenger Plus! has been re-created from scratch, from the ground-up. In the past 8 months, 128,000 lines of codes have been written for Messenger Plus! Live, making it the biggest project for me to realize so far. As you'll see, every feature has been improved and re-thought for Windows Live Messenger. Also, for the first time in Messenger Plus!'s history, backward compatibility has been dropped. This means that this version only works with Windows XP and above and requires at least Windows Live Messenger 8.00 (final public version). You may notice that some previous features from Messenger Plus! 3 are missing. Some have simply been deprecated, others (like the emoticon panel) will be added back in a future update.
  • Messenger Plus! is now compatible with 64bits version of Windows and is Vista ready. It is compatible with Windows Live Messenger 8.00.787 and above (it won't work with previous beta versions of Messenger).
  • Below is a list of some (but not all) changes compared to Messenger Plus! 3. The actual change log from the beta test period spawns on 15 pages so you'll understand that what's listed below is really a small subset of the whole new program.
  • General Messenger Features:
    • BBCode style format codes can now be used to add colors and text formatting to your messages/name/psm. These tags are easier to use and don't look as bad as the previous codes in the list of your contacts who don't have Plus! installed.
    • No more need for a permanent running process (msgplus.exe) and no more need for the Plus! loader DLL to be loaded everywhere in your system. Messenger Plus! now sticks to Windows Live Messenger.
    • Messenger Lock (includes the former Boss Protection feature) has been improved. You now have more options to hide Messenger including hiding the tooltip and requiring a special keyboard shortcut to be pressed to unlock.
    • Plus! has built in polygamy (using messenger with several accounts simultaneously) built-in. Note that the option in Messenger Plus! is more "polished" than what you usually get from patches (not because the patches are bad. By its nature, Plus! simply has more flexibility in these matters). For example, you won't get two Messenger clients opened at the same time when you restart your computer.
    • Contacts On Desktop. The floating windows have been redesigned and can be customized a lot more. You now have the option to let the contact window flash on new messages and to change transparency based on you contacts' statuses. You also got more choices as to what's to be shown there: contacts name, contacts e-mail, name and personal message, e-mail and personal message. Emoticons are also shown in the floating windows as well.
    • Event Logging. Events can now also be saved in an XML data file. You can filter out contacts you do not wish to log events from. In the newly redesigned Event Viewer you can choose what events to display and a search box allows you to quickly find what you're searching for.
  • Conversation Windows:
    • Improved: quick access to previously sent messages by using the key combination Ctrl+Up / Ctrl+Down. Messages from older and other chats can now be accessed from here.
    • New formatting panel in the toolbar for easy access to formatting codes and colors.
    • Tabbed Chats. The feature has been redesigned to be more "user friendly", however, this required some previous options to be removed: the possibility to group/ungroup chats manually with a key combination has been taken out. No more auto-switching to a chat with unread messages either. Emoticons are now displayed in the contact's names and the tabbed bar integrates better in the window.
    • Logging. Chat logs can now be saved in HTML format to keep the same look&feel you get during your chat. All your color and emoticons are kept in your logs. Extra options for HTML formatting are the possibility to save images (ex: for winks) and to save your contacts' font. Of course, you can still save in plain text format if that's what you prefer :).
    • Messenger Plus! now comes with its own integrated Log Viewer for easier browsing of your chat logs. For more advanced users, the log viewer also provides command line parameters (type /? for more information) to automate changing password, encrypting or decrypting files.
    • Logs Encryption has been improved a lot. You can now choose how strongly you wish to encrypt your logs: low encryption for faster opening of logs or stronger encryption for extra security, choices for the asymmetrical key are 384, 640, 1024 or 2048 bits. Old encrypted logs can still be opened with the log viewer but newly encrypted logs won't mix with the old files.
    • Part of the old word filter feature is now integrated in the the redesigned Quick Texts feature (for send text only, not received). The new quick texts are much more flexible and are not subjects to the old limits.
  • Customizations:
    • New: You can now show contacts Idle instead of Away when appropriate. Another extra is to add a format button to the Messenger Options (yes, formatting your nick is now possible through Messenger Option panel itself).
    • Notifications. More choices there too, you can get notified about virtually anything...sign in, sign out, name change, psm change, current media change, started new chat, all the status changes separate or all status changes. You can even assign a special message or a sound to it, create special expiration conditions, etc... note that Event Notifications also replace the previous signin/signout panel from Messenger Plus! 3.
  • Sounds:
    • New: You can choose to not play sounds when your current media set, in other words, when you use the "What I'm Listening To" feature in WLM and you are playing a song (or other media recognized by this feature).
    • You can now decide from the preferences panel whether or not to share your Sound Library with all accounts.
    • The maximum allowed length for Emotion Sounds has been increased to 12 seconds.
  • Plugins/Scripts:
    • The old plugins interface from Plus! 3 has been replaced with a brand new scripting interface. The scripting engine makes it easier for everybody to write their own add-ons (providing you know JScript, documentation is provided).
    • The new scripting interface is provided with a comprehensive documentation, samples (scripts created by beta testers which are already available in the online script's database) and gives you more than 150 functions/properties/events to interact with Windows Live Messenger, all without having to compile your project from anywhere but Messenger Plus! itself. If you're a developer interested in creating your own Messenger add-in, now is your chance to show off your skills!
    • Old plugins can't be loaded anymore but previous plugin developers are encouraged to use the many new features of the scripting interface to improve their previous add-on.
  • Contact List Clean Up:
    • The time counters have been improved.
    • You can now see if a contact has added you to his contact list or not.
  • Contact Information:
    • It is now possible to save your current contact's display picture from here.
    • The window is much easier to use, including better access to events recorded for a contact.
  • That's all for the change log but remember that this list only covers some of the main changes you are likely to notice. Keep in mind that everything has been redesigned, meaning that everything works better and smoother than before (not even the smallest feature was re-created "as is"). I hope this new version will mark the beginning of a whole new world of possibilities for Messenger Plus! and that you will all enjoy using it :)

Version 3

3.63.148 (1) - 09/08/2010
  • The setup has been modified and the old sponsor program has been entirely removed.
    Download here.

3.63.148 - 04/04/2006
  • Messenger Plus! Live 4.00 will soon be released. Some last compatibility fixes have been made int
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