Plus! Games Multi-language support

Plus! Games Multi-language support


Hello everyone.

Most of you know about Plus! Games, Yuna’s new website.

This site  has been live for approximately three months, and is a work in progress. What I wanted to tell you about is the developments in the language support.  Right now Plus! Games if fully supported in four languages  – English (source language), Italian, Spanish (European) and French, and partially supported in 7 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), Turkish, and German.

For those of you who asked why you can’t see the language support, the site works in the language (if available) defined in your Internet browser. So to play the games in any of the seven languages mentioned, please change the default language in your browser.
If you’re familiar with the site, here’s a quick overview. Let us know what you think!

Plus! Games lets you play games by yourself or challenge other players from the more than 62 million users of Messenger Plus! Live. You can choose from a wide variety of casual games (including classics like chess and 8-ball) and earn tokens to boost your playing experience – all for free. You can also connect to Facebook and invite your friends to play.  Enjoy!

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