Messenger Plus! supports Skype-Messenger integration

Yuna Software, the company that develops and designs Messenger Plus! announced the release of its latest version of its application for Skype. Version 1.8 complements the Skype-Messenger merger, initiated by Microsoft, with improved communication between the two platforms.

Following Microsoft’s announcement about discontinuing its Windows Live™ Messenger (WLM) service by mid-March, Messenger Plus! has invested efforts to help WLM users smooth their transition to Plus! (for Skype). To enrich users’ Skype experience with enhanced voice, video and instant messaging capabilities, Yuna Software is focusing on bringing the best of Messenger Plus! for WLM features to upcoming Plus! (for Skype) versions.

After users have switched to Skype, Microsoft lets them log in to Skype with their Windows Live Messenger account and communicate with their Messenger contacts. Users who migrate to Plus! (for Skype) will enjoy the added value of Plus! including being able to record voice and video calls of unlimited duration, send animations and sounds and keep track of their conversations, all for free. Skype-enabled mobile device users can receive Plus! animations (winks) and view video effects even if they do not have Plus! installed.


Version 1.8 highlights

Custom Sounds: Users can send and search by category from the Messenger Plus! united WLM/Skype online sound archive.
Enhanced interface: The latest version delivers a slick and stylish interface as its default toolbar. You can select other designs or switch over from toolbar to menu mode in just one click.
Let WLM contacts join Plus! (for Skype): When you try to send a wink to a non-Skype contact, Plus! will suggest you invite them to join Messenger Plus! (for Skype) so that they will be able to see winks, hear sounds and enjoy many other features this software provides.

Messenger Plus! (for Skype) 1.8 download:

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