Messenger Plus! launches Plus! Sports

Messenger Plus! launches Plus! Sports


We’re pleased to introduce you to Plus! Sports, a new soccer website brought to you for Messenger Plus! Live fans. This sports portal keeps you posted on global soccer news, including:

 • World Cup 2010 – get the latest updates and about this exciting event. After you click on a South African venue in this application, you can access information on statistics, matches and squads. You can also try your luck playing the “Who will meet the finals?” game.

 • Injury Centre – keep tabs on the details of wounded players from teams around the world.

 • Observatory – watch video clips of rising stars, players in top form and the Goal of the Week.

And much more – enter the site to find your favourite soccer section. Plus! Sports is the latest addition to the team of websites for the Messenger Plus! Live Community, including Plus! Games and Plus! Network.

We hope that the soccer enthusiasts among you will enjoy Plus! Sports. As always, your feedback is encouraged and appreciated!


Community Liaison

Yuna Software