Messenger Plus! Version 5.10 Released!

The Messenger Plus!, the most popular and respected extension for Windows Live Messenger 2009 and 2011 has just been updated to version 5.10. This new version brings revolutionary changes to skinning capabilities within the Messenger Plus! community. With the new Plus! Skin Designer, end users can now create and edit skins in just a few clicks without requiring any programming knowledge. Version 5.10 also integrates "Plus! World" permitting end users interaction with Messenger Plus! content and updates. This new version maintains continued support for both Windows Live Messenger 2009 and 2011.
Following are just some of the highlights of Messenger Plus! 5.10:
  • Easy Skin Creator – change the whole look of your Messenger by selecting your favourite picture as the background image for your contact list or chat window in only a few clicks.
  • Dynamic Skin Editor – edit your existing Messenger skins or create new ones. You are now able to modify more than 30 visual items from WLM using the Skin Dialog and instantly view the results. You can change the background (picture or color), transparency, visibility and text color for each of these items.
    Traditional tools for veteran and expert skinners remain unchanged.
Easy Skin Creator

  • Messenger Plus! World – Windows Live 2011 end users now get feeds for skins, plugins, plus quick access to emoticons and the latest news straight from their client. Windows Live Messenger (WLM) 2009 users can also access Plus! World content directly through the Messenger Plus! interface.
Plus! World

  • Chat Assistant – Click on your contact's image in a chat window to view all their available social networks (i.e. Yahoo!, Facebook and MSN) including nicknames, events, etc. You even get a convenient rich text editing area to write notes on each contact.
chat assistant

  • Revitalized Messenger Plus! Flagship Features – Version 5.10 brings back popular Messenger Plus! features such as the Unlock Messenger function and provides additional support for multiple Windows Live Messenger accounts.
  • Messenger and Facebook Interaction – merges Facebook and Windows Live Messenger logs. You can now set your own preferences to separate the logs or store them together within the same folder. Storing Facebook and Messenger chat logs together in one folder is unique to Messenger Plus!, as Windows Live Messenger usually places Facebook contacts in a separate section.
  • Plugins vs. Scripts – In this version, the term "Scripts" has now been changed to Plugins on the Messenger Plus! website. This change applies to the name only and does not affect downloads or other functionality.
For the complete change log please refer to the Website Changelog
All builds of Messenger Plus! 5 support both Messenger 2011 and 2009 and can be downloaded at downloads (There is always only one build of Plus! 5 made available at this section).
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