Messenger Plus! MyPlus! is your plus

Messenger Plus! MyPlus! is your Plus!

Hi everyone. We're pleased to tell you that the MyPlus! maintenance is complete and the MyPlus! page has been upgraded to give you a personal touch. You can now customize the way your page look and select the Messenger Plus! content of your choice. When you log in to your MyPlus! page, you can pick the following widgets to be displayed wherever you want on your page:

Chat Log Widget: Get your latest chat activity. Click on this widget to open the full web online Windows Live™ Messenger (WLM) chat log viewer.
Latest Wallpapers: This control will show you the latest background wallpaper uploaded by the Messenger Plus! community
Latest Emoticons: See the latest cool emoticons available for WLM right away!
Latest News: Stay connected to the Messenger Plus! world with the latest news

Latest Plugins: This widget will show you the latest functionality add-on for Plus!

Latest Skins: The latest facelift offering for your Windows Live Messenger will be displayed in this widget

Latest Sound Packs: The full sound database is now hosted right into This widget will show you the latest additidon.
Video of the day: This control presents a feature of Plus!. Why read about it when you can watch and learn.
Built-in search: Conveniently search the web or this site by using this widget.
MyInbox widget: offers private messaging between MyPlus! users. This control will show you your latest correspondence.

You can easily add or remove any of these widgets from your page or you can move them around to show only the information you care about.

Try it – it’s free. This is the start of a whole a lot more new fun widgets which we intend to bring to MyPlus! in the future.

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