Messenger Plus! Facebook community exceeds 19,000

Messenger Plus! Facebook community exceeds 19,000

Hi everyone.

As you are probably aware, there are many Facebook users who do not visit the Messenger Plus! forum frequently or may be new users of Messenger Plus! and its satellite sites.

Our Facebook community on the official Messenger Plus page has exceeded 19,000 likes and the number of active users is growing. You are welcome to visit, contribute, direct them to the appropriate thread on, or comment and post on the wall. 

We feature tips about the Messenger Plus! software,  items about our satellite sites,  as well as music clips and general talk. 

The Facebook page supplements and promotes the information on  and sites and is not meant to replace them in any way! 

And if you're a first time visitor to the page, you're welcome to click on the Like button and tell your Facebook friends about it.

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