Messenger Plus! 5.02

Messenger Plus! 5.02


In this new update, we introduce Plus! world. A small software meant to keep you updated on new skins, plugins and everything that gravitate around the Messenger world of Plus! (hey, we are not at the center of the universe, but we can always dream ;-). The folks at Yuna are also offering a new toolbar. This toolbar that makes Plus! free, will offer more Plus! content and is more customizable.

From the Kimahri folks in Montreal, you get an updated version of Plus! as well. This version fixes some small bugs here and there but especially introduces a lot of hidden goodies. Among these goodies we brought back, at popular request, the “/clear” command that you can type in a chat window to clean the content of the current conversation. Of course, this is not clearing the content of your chat log but a nice way to remove the cluttered of you chat window when you are overwhelmed with its content. :o

The full change log of what was changed is available in the About Us section and the web installer to download the new version is available over here. And by the way, the Kimahri “Krew” is busy working on the new major version 5.1 that should be ready to go in Beta during the summer of 2011.

Happy chatting,

Kimahri Software Dev Team