Development Office in Montreal

Development Office in Montreal


A while ago, I promised some pictures to illustrate our new work environment, here are some (it’s not much but I’ll take more when we’ve cleaned-up). Development of Messenger Plus! is being moved from my home office to an office tower in Montreal. A dozen people, including myself, will soon be working from that new location, on various Messenger Plus! projects. It took no less than three months to transform this vacant space into a fully furnished, fully cabled office. We have a sweet Windows 2008 R2 server to work with locally as well, everything is going smoothly although it’s always taking more time that you wish it did.


The office already has a new project manager, Jean-François, who’s currently assembling the new team. The guy is bright, motivated, and has a solid experience in the field of software development. Meanwhile, I am working on what I was previously referring to “Project K”, which is a special add-on we’re creating for a special client. Nathalie will soon post more information about it, I’m currently holding her off until I have something nice to show :).

By the way, I’ve not given the name of the Montreal division yet: Kimahri Software. Those of you who’re gamers may see the link, those of you who’re not can rest assured: we’re not opening an Indian restaurant. So, from now on, when you hear about Kimahri, think of Yuna, they both mean the same thing, the difference is only structural.

That’s it for the quick news. Have a Happy Easter everyone :).