Community Liaison – Clarification

Community Liaison – Clarification


Hello again from Nathalie. In Canada, we grew up with the expression that if March comes in like a lion, it goes out with a lamb and vice versa.  My initial announcement here last week, which was at the beginning of  March, did seem to bring in a roar of lions and I hope that March will end tamer, more like lambs. 
First of all, I wanted to clarify a few things, although I understand that you feel very disappointed and apprehensive about the recent changes here. I really hope that in time you will feel differently. 

User name:  Unfortunately, my concerns about ecological “green” issues led me to choose a user name that was considered unprofessional and caused suspicion that I was Vanessa.  I have now changed my user name simply to Nathalie.  This is my screen name and the name that I am using to correspond with you. 

Contact info:
You are welcome to email me privately at   You can ask me for my IM address offline.

Title:  I have changed my ‘title’ here to Community Liaison, as opposed to Community Manager.  My role is to be the liaison between Yuna and the Messenger Plus! Community.  It’s not my intention to manage you or tell you what to do!, but to help Patchou out helping you, as he is very busy developing Messenger Plus! 5.  As I get to know you and the product better, I’ll also be able to help you better. 

Thanks so much for those who have welcomed me and advised me publicly and privately to ease me in this transition.  For those who were less kind:$, I forgive you ). In due time, I’m confident that Yuna will be able to give back to the community what the community has contributed, and you’ll see an improvement in the communication channels.

Location:  I was born and bred in Winnipeg, Canada (or “Winterpeg” as it’s commonly known) , where my family lives, and have a B.A. Honours  from York University in Toronto, where I lived for five years. English is the language in which I’m most comfortable. I understand some basic French, but have a pretty bad ‘anglais’ accent when speaking it. I also speak Hebrew (with a Canadian accent). Presently, I’m working out of Yuna’s office in Israel which means you may see me posting at “strange” times from the office here or at home. I plan to get back to Canada to visit the Montreal offices and my family in Winnipeg, but don’t know when, yet.

Personal details:
As this is not a dating site, I’d prefer keeping much of my personal life private, as many of you do, but I don’t mind discussing interests such as books, movies, music, offline. I’m also going to refrain from talking about politics, religion and sex…I guess that’s pretty obvious, but I thought I ‘d say it for the record.

If any of you who wrote to Vanessa’s former email and did not get an answer from me, please try again at  and I’ll do my best to answer you as soon as I can.


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