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Battles with MSN, inspired by Pokemon. Website: Version changes: Battler simulates a battle in the Pokemon fashion between two "mons". What makes it special is that there're just about no limits, and, in fact, it's highly customizable. Battler v4.03 can be played and configured in 4 languages--English, Spanish, Portuguese, French. V5 adds two more: Italian and Dutch. It's originally written in English--a big thank you to Filous and Dalet for the French translation, Matheus for the Portuguese one, Orange for the Italian, and Erik for the Dutch! At this time, the Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch translations for v5 are incomplete. Refer to the website for more information on localizations. How is this different from PokeMSN? PokeMSN is a related script based off of my own--its code is pretty much copied right from Battler v1.01 along with some added features Battler didn't have at the time, but I did not create it (though you will see my name credited in the source code). I may help you with it, but I'll probably just tell you to install the better script. Admittedly, it does have a catchier name (which I did end up using as an update ID for v2, before the release of PokeMSN). Download links for other versions can be found on the website.

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