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(Emotion Sounds) Ratchet & Clank  1.0

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Shinn Hayabusa

Last update: 6/23/2012 4:11:04 PM


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Image Emotion Sounds from Ratchet & Clank for your Windows Live Messenger Plus! Test them out and have some fun with them along with your friends! More coming soon! Stay tuned for next updates for next sounds pack! Contents: (1) Boooriiing... (2) In your Face! (3) Lawrance! Lawrance? (4) LAWRENCE! (5) Feel Like a Young Boy Suuuckeeer! (7) What's the MATTER Lawrance!

Sounds: 7 sounds.
LAWRENCE! Cartoon / Games English
Boooring! Cartoon / Games English
Victory! In your face! Cartoon / Games English
What's the MATTER... Cartoon / Games English
SUUUCKERRR !!! Cartoon / Games English
Lawrance! Lawrance? ~ Cartoon / Games English
Feel Like a Young Boy Cartoon / Games English

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