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Rainbow font - For all your rainbow needs  1.2.3

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A plugin that writes your text with a rainbow font. \n Commands: !HueOptions - Opens the options menu ou start chatting with a rainbow font by opening the options menu and adding the email you want to have a chat with in rainbow font. Remember, you should only talk with MSN+ users, since if you don't, the other person will see the text with color tags, and that would be unpleasant for them. You can remove emails from the list by doubleclicking on them. If you want to talk to someone you have added normally, you can do this by starting the sentence with a # and a space after it. And finally. The rainbow font shows up in chatlog with the color tags. You have been warned. Version 1.1: - Fixes group chat. It now checks if all the participants are in the list, if even one is missing, the font wont show up. - If there's a person in the group chat that's not on your friends list, the script won't see him/her, instead, when the person writes a message, the code will render the chat window unusable. No matter if the person is in the email list or not. Version 1.2 - Fixed some errors that made the plugin not working. (Implying that I didn't test it before, sorry about that) - Added "quoting", meaning you can use # now to seperate words that won't use rainbow font, to give a quoting effect. For example, if you type "Hello #there, I am# your father.", the part inside the # signs wont use the rainbow font, but everything else will. This doesn't work inside words, so only use it at the beginning of a word, or at the end. This also works between paste levels, if you have a long text and you want to quote lots of text, the plugin seperates the text in order to not go over the text limit, and the quoting works in that. Version 1.2.2 - Fixed the pasting sometimes not working. Version 1.2.3 - Changed the filepath for the scriptfiles so that it takes it from Messenger Plus, instead of using a predefined path. - Fixed the email list working oddly when dealing with multiple emails while removing them.

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