Send us your creation and share it with the world

Creating the most incredible skin in the world is nice but being the only one to see it isn't. The official skins database is the first place most Messenger Plus! users go to while searching for new skins and this section of the web site receives more than a hundred thousand visitors each and every day because of that.
Before you send us your skin you need to know a few basic things:
  • To be accepted, your skin needs to have some substance. A skin that only changes one or two images won't get accepted. That being said, we don't expect you to skin every part of Messenger either. You can always submit updates to your skin later if you decide to add more changes.
  • The skin you send us must me packaged in a .plsk Skin Pack file. You can read on how to do this in the skinning documentation ("Skins Essentials > Packaging Your Skin" section).
  • Test your skin, check if everything works and if you haven't broken other parts of Messenger. Test on different versions of Messenger, use version restrictions and <Compatibility> tags where needed. See the skinning documentation for more info on this, or visit the skinning section of the forum if you need more help.
  • Skins that show errors in the trace file while running will not be accepted in the database. See the Skinning Documentation for more information on trace files ("Skins Essentials > The Trace File" section). You can get help on the forum if you need assistance fixing the errors.
  • Don't replace strings when it's not needed, people around the world won't understand your language. For the same reason, never use the consolidated version of the resources extracted by Messenger Plus! in your skin pack.
  • Be careful when using extracted resources from a patched Messenger in your skin (MessPatch, A-Patch, etc...). It is generally better to extract resources from an un-patched Messenger so that people are not be forced to use the same patches you use yourself (options can be added in your skin to simulate those).
  • Skins that allow any of Messenger's advertisements to be hidden will not be accepted. Keep in mind that maintaining the Messenger network is neither free nor cheap for Microsoft. Advertisements are their main source of revenue, just like they are for us.
  • Be original, don't copy (parts of) other skins without permission from the original creator.
  • By submitting your skin you give us permission to contact you about your submission and about general skinning news (just a few mails per year at most). We will not give or sell your private information like your email address to anybody, see our privacy policy.
  • By submitting your skin to us, you give us the authorization to redistribute and use the files in any mean we deem necessary to promote Messenger Plus!. You can log in to «My Contributions» section of the website if you want to make changes, edit your work or have it removed from the site.

Submit your skin

When your skin meets the rules above, please submit it to our skin-database through our website via the «Add a Contribution» control from the download database itself or through your «My Contributions» (registered members only) section in your user profile and dont forget to include the following information:
  • Skin's Name
    The name of your skin.
  • Version Number
    Usually 1.00 if it's the first time you submit it. Don't forget to increase the version number when you submit an update.
  • Compatibility Info
    Which Messenger versions does your skin work on? For example: 8.5.x & 9.0.x.
  • Description ("About This Skin")
    Tell everything you want users to know about your skin here, what options can be set, etc...
  • Screenshot
    A screenshot of your skin in action. It is recommended to show at least the contact list and a conversation window in your screenshot. Only one image is accepted. Dimensions with an approximative 4:3 ratio of between 850x600 and 1024x820 pixels are preferred. Submit your screenshots in .jpg format if possible.
  • Category
    Pick one of our existing categories, or suggest a new one.
  • Creator
    Your name as you want people to see it on the site.
  • Website (optional)
    Have a special page for your skin, or your own website? Let us know so we can link to it.
  • The skin itself
    The file where it's all about, don't forget to submit it in a .plsk Skin Pack file.
  • Update? (optional)
    If you send an update to one of your own skins that's already listed in our database, please include the URL where we can find the old version in the database.

Getting approved

Once you've uploaded it to the Messenger Plus! website, it will take from a couple of hours to a several days before we get a chance to review it. Don't worry, we will reply to you, whether your skin is approved or not. If it wasn't approved we will tell you why so you can improve it if you want. Please note that this control cannot be used for any type of support, it is only meant for matters directly related to the skins database. Use the forum for any kind of support request.

We look forward to receiving your new skins soon! :-)