Create a plugin and share it with the world

We love to see your new creations and we will gladly review every plugin you submit to us. If approved, your plugin will be put on this site so that over 62 million of Messenger Plus! users can enjoy it as well. Before you send us your plugin you need to know a few basic things:
  • Your plugin must be functional (we don't want 62 million people to download a plugin that doesn't work :).
  • The plugin must be packaged in a .plsc Script Pack. Check the scripting documentation on "Working with Scripts \ Packaging your plugin " to see how this is done.
  • Try to keep your plugin user-friendly, include some documentation on how to use the plugin if needed.
  • Of course, we won't accept any plugin bundled with malware, viruses or any other dirty stuff.
  • By submitting your plugin you give us permission to contact you about your submission and about general scripting news (just a few mails per year at most). We will not give or sell your private information like your email address to anybody, see our privacy policy.
  • By submitting your plugin to us, you give us the authorization to redistribute and use the files in any mean we deem necessary to promote Messenger Plus!. You can log in to My Contributions section of the website if you want to make changes to your work or have it removed from the site.

Submit your plugin

If your plugin meets the rules mentionned above, all you need to do is to log in to our website and add it via the «Add a Contribution» control from the download database itself or through your «My Contributions» (registered members only) section in your user profile and dont forget to include the following information:
  • A title, so users can identify your plugin.
  • A short description (1 or 2 lines), this will be shown right under the title.
  • A full description. Describe what the plugin does, it's features and how to use it.
  • A category. See here for a list of available categories.
  • Your name as you want it listed on the site.
  • A version number. New plugins are usually marked as being version 1.00.
  • A screenshot (optional). The maximum allowed size is 545*800 pixels (width*height). Submit your screenshot in .jpg format.
  • Your website's url (optional). If specified, this website is where people can find more info about your plugin or yourself.
  • The actual plugin .plsc file.

Getting approved

It can take up to 5 days or longer before you get a reply, however, rest assured that we will reply to you, whether your plugin was approved or not. If the plugin wasn't approved, we will tell you why. Use the forum for any kind of support request.

We look forward to receiving your new plugins soon! :-)